Monday, April 22, 2013

Story of my life

I love my mother. Ya i know sometimes we always argue about a stupid little thing. Nah, but i dont mind, if not, who else gonna scold me right? Now i know why my mummy hate my daddy so much. Hmmm... I dont know whetherr i need to hate him or not.
Actually i dont need him in my life because i raise up without my daddy. All i need is my mummy she is my guardian angel, she is my daddy and she is my super women. She's always there for me, if im sick, she keep her eyes on me. I should thank to her for everything but im too shy to say that all.
Well ya, sometimes i do miss my daddy, i get jealous with whom have their father with them. They should be thankful because they are lucky to have mummy and daddy who always beside them. Maybe this is my path, everthing happen for a reason.