Saturday, November 3, 2012

all about us *friends and family* :)

pejam celik pejam celik dah habis sekolah. sounds pretty great for me but i have to get ready for next year. hmm. tak tahulah nak cakap apa tapi semenjak kebelakangan ni, aku asyik nangis je. cenggeng betul aku ni macam budak kecik! maybe banyak sangat kot yang aku fikir, yelah kan cikgu cakap tahun depan maybe one of us kena turun kelas. lepas dapat tahu tu terus aku nangis, like seriously macam mana nak belajar? nak buat pape mesti sama sama, dalam class bersweet sweet, baring sini baring sana, macam orang couple pun ada, tepuk tampar sama sama, kalau gaduh pun takde nya nak ambik serious. well, tu memang kitaorang, sebab kitaorang je perempuan melayu dalam kelas tu. bayangkan macam mana kita orang boleh survive dengan hanya ada 2 orang perempuan melayu dengan sorang lelaki melayu... then ni, tiba tiba tak sama kelas.. macam mana lah agaknya kan? nak bagitahu mama, tapi takut kena marah balik. biarlah mama tahu sendiri. then, nak marah, marahlah. benda dah nak jadi, nak buat macam mana, bukan boleh patah balik pun. i hope next year we will be in the same class... Amin :')

look at us :') we're happy together, everything together.
and also to my dearest cousin, they always be my friend and my family!!! we're a craziest cousin everr!

dedicated to : Nana, Lisa, Jia and Pudin, my sidekick, my cousin and also to whom ever enter my life :)

There's been so many times, where i needed all of you in my life,
no matter what happen between us,
we always stick together through the easy time and the tough
every time i need to talk or i'm sad and feeling blue,
you guys are always been there to bring a smile on my face and make me laugh,
your unconditional friendship showed me the person i am inside
and just to be myself  is something i never have to hide. :')
you guys helped me not to be scared about the things that i feared,
help me deal with my strife
you never put me down and always knew how to turn my frown upside down
you're the shoulder to cry on, you're the ears that are listening, you're the hand that helps me stand when i fall, you're the feet that carry me, you're the lips that bring a smile, you're the voice who says "everything is going to be alright", you're the sun on a cloudy day, you're the rain in a dry dessert, you're the wish i made from a shooting star
but most of all, you guys are my friend and also my family 
a friend who really cares about me...
a friend who really listen to me...
a friend who really understands me...
a friend who always be there for me...
a friend who laugh and cry with me...
sometimes life is hard, sometimes life is easy...
but you guys make it worth it when everything falls apart...
and i cant imagine how i'd make it through if there's no me without all of you
thanks for being there through every laugh and every tear and letting me be who i wanna be
i love you guys and i do love our friendship... <3
most of all to my best friend...

Beginning of an Ending :')