Thursday, February 9, 2012

I'm so sorry ayah :')

My dear daddy,
Im so sorry because i didn't wish anything on your birthday yesterday. :'( i really wanna
wish happy birthday to you but there are something that blocking my way to said it to you.
Kakak tahu kalau kakak tak wish pun mesti ade orang yang akan wish ayah, expecially your family. Mesti dorang sambut birthday ayah kan? Kakak ni apelah sangat bagi ayah? I know im not important to you. I always remember your birthday, i never forget it. :)

Daddy, do you wanna know why i'm not wish anything on your birthday? Hmm. Sebab
Kakak rasa ayah dah tak perlukan kakak lagi sebab ayah dah ada family lain. And i hate your family! They took you from me, they took my happiness,
they took the person that i love, the person that i call him AYAH and they took everything
from me! Do you know what am i feel now? I feel so sad and always think that i don't have
a father because you never care about me, adik and also mama. You always care about your family, not us. Is it too hard to meet me or even call me? And asking me 'kakak macam mana
sekarang' is it hard?

Daddy, who am i to you? I also your daughter, why dont you take care of me? Everytime i see your picture with your family, my tears suddenly fall :'( i always imagine my memories that i had being with you, mama and adik. I miss to spend time together with you daddy :'( i still remember our place where we were spend time together when i was a little tiny girl who don'tknow anything. But now everything change since you have another sons.
My mom said, 'ayah dah gantikan tempat korang dengan anak dia'. Yes! Thats true. Do you know how painful i am going through all this? Ofcourse you didnt know right?

Sorry dad because i hate your family and also you. Ayah, betapa bencinya kakak dekat ayah, ayah tetap ayah kakak, betapa sakitnya hati kakak, ayah tetap ayah kakak. Dear father, i wanna you to know, i never ever hate you and in my deep heart, i truely love you always and forever. :')

#Kakak sayang ayah sangat sangat. *sorry sebab tak boleh bagitahu ayah semua ni, just boleh tulis dalam ni je* :')