Tuesday, October 11, 2011

single ladies :'(

assalammuallaikum :' )

tonight, i'm being a single ladies
i broke up with everyone who has had relation with me because of my silly mistake
now i lost everything, i lost him and him
i love both of you guys so much !!

i don't mean to do all this
dear, sorry because i'm lying and also broke your heart.
i should make you happy and not to make you sad
i just wanna let you know that i'm still and always loving you !
all of our memories, i will save it in my minds
i need you but i can't be with you
i love you so much biy !!!
meaningful date :')
couple: 15 mei 
end: 12 oct , 12:49 am
tomorrow begin my new life without him. 
life must be go on NATASYA !!!